Virtual Events


Comtec have been holding virtual events for over 20 years now using Television & Satellite as that platform. As the digital backbone and bandwidth has become available across the UK this has advanced the technology offering a plethora of communication options.

The Covid19 virus has probably been the biggest Challenge the world has had to deal with in decades and has affected all of us greatly.

Business will change forever after this Pandemic is brought under control.

The Future of Events

On-line media and virtual interactivity have become an imperative tool in how a business or association communicates with its members, customers and personnel. The race is on now to establish a strong foot hole in what is likely to become the main communications platform going forward.

We have witnessed companies trying to hold their events online with no planning and investment with very damaging results. The lack of bandwidth at the production end combined with a poor production has led to a lack of retention before the events have been completed.

Feedback and on-line data suggest that some companies that have tried to just bridge the gap quickly while they cannot hold their physical event have allowed their many years of investment in what was a valuable income stream within their business just evaporate overnight as they devalued the original product so much.

What We Can Provide

Our audiences will still expect to be entertained and still want to be immersed in a good experience. We have a difficult task as people come to Events to be recognised and to interact with people, they don’t normally get chance to be with. Sponsors invest in the business for the same reason. We are seeing from other events that many people still want to dress up for the occasion and can be seen.

A pre-built landing page (that can be integrated into your own web page) which will give all your guests encrypted access into the Arena. An online commissioner who will help guide them through their chosen connection process. With a large spectrum of our audience now owning a smart TV it opens up the viewing options for the audience they would like with them at their chosen location. An accompanying app can be produced that contains not only a gateway to the arena but can have a sponsorship window with links and videos to the nominations, introductions from you and your team. Instant messaging between all the guests and of course a myriad of chosen content promoting the event and of course your company hosting and promoting events like this.

Our Response

Being able to do all this in a virtual arena is now possible.

The ability for them to have the same food package and goody bags delivered directly to them is all part of the experience.

Live bands, comedians along with a plethora of hosts and entertainers are all available through the network to help make your online experience for your audience a night to remember.

To do all of this successfully it will be necessary to deliver this across a multi structured platform.

The team at Comtec live along with our global partners have been working on a solution for many weeks now with smaller live virtual Arenas being used as beta test programs.

The good news is the product is already being used all over the world. With a virtual studio in Manchester or the mobile studio that literally be based anywhere. We are able to take all our existing live events and now add on another Dimension to expand audiences with the virtual technology that is available online.

Our Virtual Events

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