Trades Union Congress (TUC) – September 2008 – The Brighton Centre, Brighton

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Comtec have now produced the annual Trades Union Congress conference for 11 consecutive years despite this contract going out to tender on a regular basis. This is a sure sign of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

The key to this successful relationship is the knowledge and understanding that has been developed and built upon year on year. This is fully exploited to ensure that each year the event is improved from the physical look of the conference through to the technology used and the logistics employed to ensure a streamlined event from start to finish.

Working within many of the large venues throughout the UK the challenge is to ensure that the look and feel of the conference are in keeping with the TUC brand as well as ensuring that all media coverage is catered for. From the press through to TV and radio the Comtec team have to ensure that everyone is happy as well as the client.

Security is another area of understanding from dealing with demonstrations within the audience to working alongside special branch for the attendance of the Prime Minister. We were also responsible for the management of the early closure of conference during September 2001.

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