Lyreco Sales Convention 2009

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At the beginning of 2008, a concept was formulated. A concept that would change Lyreco Sales Conventions forever…

For the 7th consecutive year, Comtec were charged with providing an exciting, informative and engaging 2-day sales conference for over 800 sales professionals for Lyreco. Lyreco in the UK is a fully owned operating subsidiary of the Lyreco Group – a family owned office supplies group, which has operations throughout Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia.

The Comtec team undertook extensive pre-event filming to recreate parts of the film, “Back to the Future”. Although we imitated many of the scenes from the film, we also created our own messages that fit well with the Lyreco brief. The videos were then used to further illustrate points that were made in the presentations.

The iconic DeLorean, which was used for time travel in “Back to the Future”, was a key medium through which to convey Lyreco’s ideas. We used the infamous car in the videos to go back to the 1920’s to see how a stationery company would have operated, then we fast-forwarded to the future for a snapshot of how the Lyreco of 2015 would succeed in its field. The DeLorean not only featured heavily in the videos but was also present, on stage during the convention itself to carry the message through to the delegates.
The team that filmed the videos also edited them and worked closely with the Lyreco team to ensure that all key concepts and ideas were communicated. The same team then spent many hours in Comtec’s own edit suite, putting after-effects onto the film and using 3D modelling to make the films as realistic and believable as possible. With all of Comtec’s services being under one roof, our clients benefit from working with the same team from concept to completion.

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