Infection Prevention Society Conference 2008

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Comtec took over the Infection Prevention Society (formerly Infection Control Nurse’s Association) account in 2002 and have staged 6 consecutive annual events.

The remit for the IPS is to source funding for and deliver an informative and diverse annual 3 day conference attracting over 400 delegates, with a main conference arena, two further concurrent seminar sessions and an exhibition featuring over 100 stands and suppliers. Including the suppliers and speakers, Comtec must manage, cater for, accommodate and entertain over 750 people for the full duration of the event.

The project is a self-generating account, valued in excess of over £380,000, which is all encompassing of Comtec’s in-house expertise. The pre-event management entails creation of a marketing strategy to attract delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. This is implemented via database creation and contact with relevant professional bodies. In our promotional campaign we utilise all forms of electronic and printed media. This includes website and magazine advertising, mail shots & html e-marketing campaigns as well as telemarketing campaigns. We also established an event specific website – accessible by employees in the NHS with the most restrictive internet accessibility and a dedicated telephone service which act as direct methods of communication.

Print work requirements for the event range from promotional marketing materials through to exhibitor manuals, delegate handbooks and menus. All of these are designed and produced by the in house media department, who having created the initial theme and style for the event carry this through all elements of the project.

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