Guide Dog Appeal

  • The guide dog service provides a blind or partially sighted person with a guide dog. These dogs are born in the home of a volunteer brood female dog holder and the dogs are moved to the home of a volunteer puppy walker when they are six weeks old. After 12 to 14 months the dogs will move to a specialist trainer, where they train for around 26 weeks to gain skills. This includes three to five weeks of intensive work with their new owner.
  • Every person and dog are unique, so matching a guide dog to an owner is a complex process and trainers have to take into account all a person’s needs, including their walking speed, height, and lifestyle.
  • Guide Dogs are committed to supporting the partnership and to the guide dog owner for as long as needed. A guide dog user could have up to eight dogs during their lifetime. After between six- and seven-years’ service, a guide dog is retired and re-homed.
  • Guide Dogs are a world leader in the breeding and training of guide dogs and is a co-founder of the International Guide Dog Federation.
  • There are currently 4,800 working guide dog partnerships in the UK and more than 1,300 puppies are born each year. Guide dog owners only have to pay a nominal 50p for their dog to ensure no-one is prevented from having one due to a lack of funds although the full ‘lifetime cost’ of a guide dog from birth to retirement is around £50,000. The charity is completely reliant on voluntary donations and legacy income.

Childrens Hope

  • Hope Tameside make a difference to children’s lives, who are living with epilepsy, in whatever way they can.
  • They offer support to the Children and their Families in many ways ranging from. Monthly sessions at Hollywood Bowl respite and fun for the teenagers with epilepsy, siblings and young carers (these sessions are run by parent volunteers and are currently funded by Tameside Council/ISCAN team at Jubilee Gardens, Droylsden). To Anti-suffocation pillow’s given to any child who is a member of HOPE and who is at risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy). Grant from Co-operative Group has contributed to supplying pillows.
  • The Team and their volunteers along with the parents of many of the children work tirelessly and a plethora of initiatives which help make a massive difference to the lives of the children within the foundation.
  • Comtec Live is proud to help and support the Charity when holding outside events such as the annual Parties.​

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

  • Royal Manchester Children's Hospital exists to enhance the experience of the 276,000 children cared for by Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital each and every year.
  • Their aims are very straightforward: to support excellence in the treatment, research and care that they provide to their young patients, now and always. They aim to make a real difference to the children and young people in their care by ensuring they continue to receive the highest quality treatment in the highest quality facilities.
  • They do this by focusing their fundraising efforts on three key areas, namely treatment, research and care. These can include the purchase of specialist equipment to diagnose and provide treatment of their young patients more quickly and easily, creating as child-friendly an environment as possible and funding pioneering medical research to increase their understanding of children’s illnesses and the optimum way to treat them.
  • Comtec has supported the charity in many ways, including sending Premiership players into the hospital to deliver Christmas presents for many decades now.​